The Ultimate Selling Machine

I am not really supposed to use that term anymore according to my friend Ted. He used it back in the 1980s based on feedback and the use of the term ultimate selling machine by the CEO of Singapore Airlines, to describe Ted’s approach.

Since then Ted has continued to refine his Matchmaker’s Triangle to help sales people get the results they need, want and demand. He is mostly (but not completely) retired and living down in Costa Rica. Aside from working with one or two clients, I coerced Ted into writing his ideas in a blog, he calls The Matchmaker’s Triangle (ok, I came up with the name for the blog based on his life’s work).

Anyway, if you visit the blog you will gain a lot of insight’s into Ted’s thinking and approach. He is not about training you. It’s about him telling you a lifetime of stories about how he went from a good for little (not nothing), trouble maker in Sioux Falls, SD to a successful career in sales followed by an even more successful career in helping others execute on their potential by changing their thinking.

This post in particular will give you good insights into Ted’s thinking and learning about sales.



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