Creating A Great Customer Experience

In most companies (e-commerce only partially excluded), your people make a huge difference in the customer’s experience. They can move it from good to great or from bad to worse, at least. Numerous studies have shown that how your company treats its people  directly correlates (and is likely causal) to how they treat your customers.

Many companies espouse that their employees and/or their customers are their greatest asset. Talk is cheap. What are you doing about it? If you want a great experience for your customers hire people who love working at your company and make sure you pay them enough to attract people who will love it. And continue to create an environment that retains them.

It’s not just about wages, but if you want great people, pay them well and have an environment where they can thrive. Seems so simple, yet how few companies actually do it. In 1982 I heard Tom Peters say that if you raise your level of customer service to mediocre you can stand out in the crowd. Well, it takes a bit more than mediocre today, but why are there so few great customer experience companies compared to how many talk about it?

Talk is cheap. Do or do not, there is no try.


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