If This Didn’t Come Up All The Time, Maybe I Would Ignore It

Ad Age, in a recent article, notes that B2B CMOs need to recognize that it’s time to own the customer experience. Really? Too bad GE knew that in 1952. Are we really that late to the party, or is this why CMOs and Marketing in general are still struggling for respect and a seat at the table?

Longer term readers of this blog will recognize that I am often compelled to write about the serious limitations that Marketing either puts on itself, or are put on it by CEOs who don’t know better.

If one views Marketing from the limited (and incorrect)  view of many, Marketing is relegated to the so-called back-end of the Marketing process. If, however, as Ralph and I note in our book, Value Acceleration, you recognize that the true job of Marketing is to align the capabilities of the company with the current and future needs of the customer, it has always “been time for the B2B CMO to own the customer experience.”

Step up and take control of Marketing or be relegated to the head of Marketing Communications. Make the choice yours.


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