A Truly Novel Promotion From An Unlikely Source

caleborthoshirtThe other day my grandson came over wearing an edgy t-shirt from his orthodontist. Two things got my attention: (1) he was wearing what was essentially an ad for his orthodontist and (2) it was a pretty awesome shirt.

I have seen a lot of promotions over the years, but I cannot remember ever seeing one for an orthodontist that was not a traditional ad or billboard. A t-shirt … and an edgy one at that. Pretty out there.

I asked my son, what was the deal with the shirt; as in why would my grandson even wear it? The answer was bribery, I mean rewards from the dentist. Apparently the dentist has scavenger hunts and other fun stuff that if you provide a picture of his patient wearing his shirt, the child gets “points” towards prizes the child will like. Further, if the child wears the shirt to the orthodontist, he/she gets more points.

Love these novel, and effective promotional campaigns. Come on, if I told you I could get a kid to wear a t-shirt from and promoting the dentist (orthodontist) would you believe me?

And to be fair, he has worn other promotional items over the years. Here’s my favorite:



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