A Billion Here, A Billion There, Pretty Soon It’s Real Money … Or Not

nokialogoYesterday Microsoft announced it was shutting down and writing off its $7.4B investment in Nokia. They just bought them last year. What strategy change was necessary, and unforeseeable just 12 months ago (give or take), that caused this $7.4B investment to go from a good idea to worthless?

Nothing I’m seeing in the press is suggesting this is anything other than brilliant by the CEO (who was CEO when the acquisition was made). Really, a $7.4B mistake is no big deal anymore? No heads are rolling? No Board members resigning in shame?

One can argue that it was never a good idea; or that it was not a good fit for Microsoft; or it was mis-executed. In every event, where’s the accountability?

But then bonuses will be paid and things will just move along, because, apparently no accountability is required.


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