Blaming The Weather And Other Excuses

snowinthecityRetailers have blamed the weather for their poor performance for several months now. In fact, many companies have used the weather as their excuse for sub-par performance. Could be, but…

Macy’s just reported Q1 sales for 2015 down from 2014. They blamed the weather. I doubt it. My wife and one of her good friends have been avid Macy’s customers for years. They have noted a definite decline in store cleanliness and selection for a while now. It reached the point they have both decided they are done shopping there. Two good customers not at all affected by the weather. A single data point or reality? I think, reality. But it is easier to blame the weather.

JC Penney reported a sales increase in Q1 over last year (its customers were affected by the same weather so…) touting the success of their turnaround. One big problem. These #s are lower than before they decided to change strategies and hire Ron Johnson, who they then fired. As I have noted in several posts on Penney’s (just do a search of the blog and you can find them) this is a company that is inept at best. But if you lower the bar and then use the new lowered bar as your benchmark, you can make yourself look good. Delusions?

I noted in a recent post that brick and mortar department stores are continuing to shoot themselves in not just the foot. Get a clue folks? Amazon and Wal-Mart may be adding to the pressure, but your actions are certainly helping them kill you off.

What are you doing with your business that you are blaming on external factors?


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