Simple Solutions To Complex Problems

southwestoverheadmirrorAs regular readers know, I criticize the airlines a lot, and for good reason. And occasionally they do something really good, and I have to give them kudos. This one is from Southwest Airlines, and it was simple and cool.

For those who don’t know me, I am vertically challenged (that is a PC way of saying I am short). This is actually a benefit when flying in most ways, especially when it comes to leg room. However, it makes it very difficult to see into the overhead bins. Countless times I have stood on the seat to look into the bin to make sure I didn’t leave anything.

Turns out lots of people have that problem. And Southwest has addressed it.

They have placed a mirror on the top of the overhead bin on some of their newer -800 jets. (See the picture). This mirror allows us shorter folks to see inside the bin to make sure we didn’t leave anything. Kudos to you Southwest.


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