Super Bowl 2015 Commentary

SuperBowl2015As I do each year, along with countless others, here’s my thinking on this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. (I already posted on the two puppy ads.)

There were lots of good ads this year as each year, so I’ll focus on the few that stood out for me, for various reasons.

The ad I thought was best over all was the Bud Brewed Hard Ad. It was well done, and delivered its message effectively, and right in the face of its craft-brewed competitors.

I thought both of the Doritos ads were fun and not as tasteless or juvenile as some have been previously.

People have been making a big deal about McDonald’s ad and the pay for it with love approach. The ad was well done, the campaign has appeal, but will they deliver? If this campaign does not affect a significant number of people, it may just backfire.

And the two “what were they thinking” ads go to Bud Light and their PacMan ad (especially given it was 1:30 in length) and Square Space and their “I have no idea what they were talking about” ad.

What say you?


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1 Response to Super Bowl 2015 Commentary

  1. Tim Johnson says:

    The Jeff Bridges meditating (I think?!) Square Space ad was horrible. It didn’t convey anything about them, perhaps drove some people to Jeff Bridges’ website and left me wondering what in the world they were trying to say. Are they for long-haired, grey-beard hombres who are so tough they’ve earned the right to be crazy?

    I would not have produced that one. I would have raised my hand in the meeting, too.

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