Was the Go Daddy Puppy Ad A Clever PR Tactic?

whitelabpuppyNow that Go Daddy has pulled their puppy ad from the Super Bowl and You Tube, experts are opining as to the mistake or brilliance of the ad. I will not equivocate: It will go down as a major blunder, and the only thing that will keep it from being in the annals of Super Bowl Ad mistakes top 10 is that it will not appear on the Super Bowl.

Thanks to today’s ad preview season, they got feedback before they ran this idiotic mistake of an ad. (Ok so you know where I stand.) And if it was a PR stunt as a back-up plan, that will backfire too.

Why do I feel this way since Go Daddy has run tasteless ads historically? Simple, this is not a tasteless ad. It is about animal cruelty. That is not funny to most people and is beyond distasteful to many. While their racy ads may not have been tasteful and may have offended a few, they were memorable and built brand identity for them as a “different” web company.

This puppy ad upsets many people and pisses a lot of them off to the point where they have added Go Daddy to their “do not do business with them list.” While this may not result in the same disaster that happened to Just For Feet in 1999, it could have been right up there with it.

The front page of yesterday’s USA Today has a quote from a self-proclaimed PR expert that Go Daddy has “… long relied on the shock value of racy Super Bowl Ads.” And she says, “This is really no different.” She is wrong. Selling puppies via puppy mills is abuse andĀ most dog owners know it and many are appalled by it.

Unfortunately, I am not sure the CEO of Go Daddy gets it either. His response was that they underestimated the emotional response on social media. It’s not about social media. It’s about making light of animal abuse. And I suspect you are going to learn how much of an impact.

Meanwhile, Bud continues to show how to do a puppy ad for the Super Bowl right.


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