Will Intel Get It Right This Time?

I have been an outspoken critic of the so-called ingredient brand, “Intel Inside” for many years. While it might have been a great ingredient brand, it became nothing more than an expensive advertising campaign for Intel, with doubtful results in my opinion. Had they created Intel Inside earlier, before there was AMD inside, for example, then Intel Inside might have been like Dolby. They decided against it and Andy Grove told me personally that he stopped it as he did not see it as necessary. Wrong, in my opinion.

Anyway, here we are 20+ years later and this time maybe Intel will get it right. They have decided to create a new ingredient branded offering, RealSense, which is trademarked Intel hardware and software that is being integrated into other manufacturers’ devices such as tablets and PCs.

They have invested in a kick-off campaign featuring Jim Parson’s from The Big Bang Theory. Will this foray into ingredient branding work? I don’t know. It depends on many factors including how good RealSense is; how different it is; and whether consumers can learn to care. Though the fact that RealSense.com does not take you to info on RealSense is a bit disheartening.

All that being said, I am glad to see they are doing it early this time, so they don’t miss the opportunity.



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