If You Can’t Fix It; Feature It: Part 4

spiritairThose words said to me several years ago by Roy Fields have been golden. This is the fourth post on this specific topic, and you can find the others with a quick search of the key phrase.

This one is about Spirit Airlines. First disclaimer: I have never flown on the airline. However, they are considered by some reports to be the most hated US Airline. That’s possibly saying something … or maybe not.

Spirit asked travelers to tell them all the things they hate about flying, and they then created a State of Hate reference. The report states that 60% of the responses to Spirit’s survey mentioned other airlines. Air travel is a hassle “no matter which airline you fly,” Spirit concluded. And I will second that one.

One of the big reasons people hate Spirit even more is apparently because of all their “added” fees. Spirit considers them options. “Our experience shows once customers understand how much money they save with our model, they like it a lot.”

Bottom line is that Spirit is what it is, and apparently enough people value what it offers to make it a profitable, if hated, business. And, as Roy said: “If you can’t fix it; feature it.

Happy New Year.


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