It’s Still About Execution

drpeppermachineMost CPG companies spend a fortune on branding. I wanted a Diet Dr. Pepper the other night and found these two machines at the place I was visiting. Which one do you think would have the Diet Dr. Pepper in it? pepsimachine

Since I set it up you might have guessed right, but the average person would have gone to the Dr. Pepper machine and been disappointed. It had Dr. Pepper and several Coke products. The Pepsi machine, did though have Diet Dr. Pepper, and likely would not have been checked by those looking for a Diet Dr. Pepper. I only looked because I walked right by it after not finding it in the other machine.

I realize it is tied to the bottler, but really? The company spends a fortune in branding money and the product is available on site, just not where you would expect it. How many sales have they lost through lack of execution?


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