Getting In Touch With Customers? … Or An Excuse

cadillacemblemCadillac recently announced they were being split off from GM as a separate business unit. Good for them. As long as they don’t follow Saturn’s fate; as a separate business unit that is. Cadillac also announced they were moving sales and marketing to New York City, SoHo to be exact; to be closer to their target customer. Guess they finally figured out that Detroit is not really the heart of their target market.

I commend Cadillac for their focus on getting closer to the customer. However, why SoHo? Ostensibly because the SoHo resident is more in line with their target customer. Or perhaps that’s just where the VP wants to work? Really … SoHo? How many people who live in NY City drive a car regularly? In my experience, not many, and especially not many in the Cadillac income bracket.

If you want to get closer to the Cadillac target customer, an office on the Westside of Los Angeles, where everyone drives a BMW or a Mercedes, would seem to have been a better choice. But then, I ‘m not the VP who gets to choose.

What do you think?




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