How Can You Call Yourself A CMO If This Is True?

customerretentionThe title of Chief Marketing Officer is controversial. Some who hold it think it is insufficient. Others who hold it are really just the Chief Marketing Communications Officer (CMCO). People who hold the position often state that the position gets no respect and up until recently the average tenure of the CMO was less than two years. (I have written several posts about the CMO and you can read them by using the CMO category if you are so inclined.)

I am however, always amazed at what others write about CMOs in all seriousness. The latest is an article entitled “Customer Service Is Your CMO’s Blind Spot.” The article cites three key areas within customer service that he has found are deficient in many CMOs. I have no reason to disbelieve him, I am just stunned that anyone who seriously considers themselves to be the Chief Marketing Officer (as opposed to the Chief Marketing Communications Officer) would be blind-sided by any of these … ever.

He notes meetings he has attended where the CMO and the head of customer service are just finally meeting for the first time. How can that possibly be true unless one of them just joined the company in the last week?

He talks about how customer service has to deliver on the brand. Duh, how can a competent CMO not know that, and not make sure that is happening? Really, CMOs don’t already know this? If that’s true, no wonder the position gets little respect in the C-Suite.

Am I expecting too much in your opinion?


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