We Dropped You From The List

Anti_monopolyThat’s what they told my wife the other day after she waited all day long for AT&T to come out and fix a telephone problem we’re having. This despite having called them several times during the day to verify they were coming. Not only did they not tell her they had taken this action by calling to let her know, when she called to verify they were in fact still coming, they also advised that they were too busy to come back on her next scheduled day off.

Only a pseudo-monopoly can run this way and survive. In reality AT&T is not really a monopoly anymore given the various phone options that exist, but Comcast is really not much better, and the purpose of the phone line is simply to not be dependent totally on a cell phone or Internet in case of a disaster.

I’m unsure what it will take (maybe there’s nothing) to get AT&T’s attention. We recently dropped them completely at work even though their replacement has some technical problems, we just could not take their customer service anymore.

Fed Ex appears to be going the same way. We’ve noticed mediocre to bad customer service from them over the last two years, regularly. Something I would not have expected other than on rare occasion. Recently, after they failed to deliver a package within the timeframe expected I stopped at a Fed Ex Office to pick up the replacement handouts, whereupon the store manager told me she has the same problem with Fed Ex customer service and has gone off on them herself when trying to help a store customer.

Perhaps these “too big to fail” companies will.

Have you seen similar?


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