The CEO is the CMO

Back in January I posted briefly on the fact that the CEO is the defacto CMO in companies that do not have one. In truth, many CMOs are only responsible for the “communications” aspect of Marketing, and in those companies the CEO is still the true CMO, as the rest of Marketing’s responsibilities must be overseen at a high level.

Now, Ad Age is positing the notion that the CEO should also be involved directly with the “communications” responsibility given to the so-called CMO. Their argument is now that “marketing communications” is really a two-way street (it always was, just most of the traffic went in only one direction), the CEO needs to be on top of what is going on.

Given our position that Marketing (the alignment of the capabilities of your company with the current and future needs of your customers) is the source of competitive advantage, we describe the CMO in much broader terms than many. Whether that role is filled by the CEO or a true CMO depends, but somebody great better be in that role.


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