The Product Return Guarantee

knob_creekBack in the early 1990s when I worked with Enzymatic Therapy, we hit on the idea of offering a money back guarantee if people weren’t happy with the results they got from Enzymatic’s products. The idea was to get people to use a full bottle to give it a fair trial and then, if they felt it didn’t work for them, they could return the empty bottle for a full refund, either from the store or from the company.

If they took it back to the store they got a full refund, and Enzymatic refunded full retail to the retailer so they did not lose the sale. Further, the customer was back in their store so they could look for other ways to help them. I believe the efficacy of Enzymatic’s products and this innovative guarantee helped propel them to a leadership position in the industry.

Today, many companies offer the so-called full-bottle guarantee. I continue to believe it’s an effective way to induce trial and make sure the customer gives the product a reasonable amount of time to produce results.

I recently ran across what I believe is a terrific and novel spin on this guarantee provided by Knob Creek. Watch this short commercial yourself and see if you don’t get a kick out of their spin.


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