Brand Extension Rejected

superchixlogoYum Brands is testing a concept called Super Chix in Texas. The short version is that it’s a premium chicken sandwich, fast food store. It also borrows from In-N-Out by having a very limited menu, but it’s chicken not hamburgers.

The target seems to be Chick-fil-A. A difference, besides the limited menu and possibly taste, is that while Chick-fil-A claims to have invented the chicken sandwich (not the chicken, just the sandwich), Super Chix claims this is the last true chicken sandwich.

Will the concept be successful? I don’t know, as it’s too soon to tell, and I have not tried it as it’s a single store test in Arlington, TX. The concept sounds excellent however, but execution is key.

What strikes me positively is that Yum Brands owns KFC and is making no mention whatsoever of KFC. They are working hard NOT to create any brand connection between Super Chix and KFC. Good for them.


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