Do Tag Lines Really Matter?

gotmilkWhenever a company replaces their CMO or otherwise needs a new “something,” they often change their tag line. Problem is, not much else changes, just the tag line. Makes the company feel better, but often it is just rearranging the deck chairs.

Recently the The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) decided to drop “Got Milk.” In this case it’s for strategic positioning reasons, which makes sense, assuming the tag line helps drive sales.

Sales of milk in the US are described as sluggish and the new strategy is designed to increase milk sales by tying it to health. The new tag line is “Milk Life.” While nowhere near as good as the original health related milk tag line, “Every Body Needs Milk,” it’s clearly a return to that positioning. (Unfortunately for the American Dairy Association, every body does not need milk, so the campaign was quashed long ago.)

Will it work? Can’t say, hard to tell. People eat less breakfast at home and those that do, use less milk (not eating cereal as they used to). However, this also affects the cereal industry so look for them to jump on board in some way as they need to work to increase cereal sales.

Do tag lines matter? Maybe, but the issue is driving milk sales by refocusing people on a reason to drink milk. However, that will require a behavior change, and whether a tag line change will help, I do not know, but in this case it shouldn’t hurt.

All that being said the creators of Got Milk, the California Milk Processor Board, are sticking with it.


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