Who Says Lawyers Can’t Promise Results?

blindjusticeAs many readers know, I’m a big fan of understanding What your customer is trying to buy from you and focusing on that as your brand, product or company promise. My book, The Secret to Selling More, is all about that focus.

I have always believed that what most people want from a law firm is to “win.” Whatever that means to them based on the situation. Lawyers have always told me that they can’t promise that, so they avoid the subject; caveat it, or otherwise obfuscate. But then again, most law firms don’t believe in promotion or advertising anyway, as that is too demeaning.

Self-limiting thinking.

Apparently the 600 lawyer firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan doesn’t see it that way. And then maybe that’s why they are at 600 lawyers. The tag line in their prominent ads: “Justice may be blind, but she still sees it our way 90% of the time.”

While technically not a guarantee they will win, certainly an aggressive statement focused on what their prospective customers are trying to buy.

Stop focusing on what you do or what you sell (they’re commodities). Focus on what the customer is trying to buy. You’ll make more money and have happier customers.


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