Missed Opportunity?

chucksmfgWhile walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago, I came across Chuck’s Manufacturing. The intriguing name caused me to stop and take a look. It’s a restaurant. However, while the name is intriguing nothing helped me know more.

They had a menu posted outside, but no story about the restaurant with the unusual name. Nothing to entice me inside. Careful inspection showed that behind the chairs for outside dining was a slogan that suggested they were re-engineering how one dines. Again, no story to help me take action.

Research shows that a “story” increases the perceived value of items and services offered for sale. Chuck’s has an intriguing name, they just need to continue the mystery to cause diners to stop. They likely pay HIGH rent to be on Michigan Avenue suggesting foot traffic is important. I suspect their conversion rate is not what it could be. As the restaurant was sparsely populated my postulate may be valid.

Make sure you leverage your opportunities to convert the casually interested to at least trial customers.



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