The Power of Endorsements and Attention Grabbers

iceboxcookiesI was sitting in the new Ice Box “café” in Terminal A at the Dallas airport the other day working on my computer while eating a dessert (OK what’s new). I was reminded how powerful the attraction of something outrageous can be, and how important endorsement is; even from a knowingly biased source.

The Ice Box sells baked goods. You can see from the picture that their chocolate chip cookies are “Texas-sized.” While I was sitting there, almost everyone who entered the shop noticed the cookies and asked how much they were. You will note there is no price on them, but that was true of all the items. I think they were $4.00, which is not outrageous for an airport bake shop.

Then people would ask, “Are they any good?” And the clerk would say, “yes” and people bought them. You have to admit those cookies get your attention, but they are so fat and big that it does prompt the question about “quality.” However, once the clerk said, “yes” the purchase happened about 80% of the time.

Get your prospect’s attention and make sure others will endorse you, even if it is an obviously biased person.


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