When is a thank you not a thank you?

usairwayslogoUS Airways has been promoting their affinity credit card recently. At the end of each flight they provide the opportunity to apply for the card. The script is reasonably good so the flight attendants, who I assume mostly do not like the idea of “selling” anyway, can do a good job with the copy.

However, on this last flight I noticed they had either added something to the end of the script, or I had just tuned out and missed it before. The last line (or thereabouts) is to let you know that this affinity credit card (which they will make a lot of money on) is their way of “thanking us” for flying with US Airways.

Really? I guess that just about sums it up. You make them money and they think you should consider it an honor and a privilege to be allowed to fly with them or use their affinity credit card. What an industry ripe for disruption.


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