Smash mouth advertising

HTC-OneHTC is introducing their new phone, the HTC One, with a great tag line: “Everything your phone isn’t.” In your face and to the point. How can you ask for more?

The phone, as shown in this recent ad, is clearly focused on the mobile experience user and with well thought-out features as noted in the ad.

If the message doesn’t resonate you probably aren’t their target market. But then what else can you want in an ad or in a product position.

We’ll see if the product delivers on the promise once it is introduced.



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3 Responses to Smash mouth advertising

  1. I like the new directness frm HTC, the simply clever, was bland, no true sign of creativity like Apples “think different” Nikes “Just Do It” these are defining slogans which HTCs may not be but it shows a willingness to actually fight the opposition and regain the lost profits its had over the past 2 years as well as a new level of sophistication in design

    • Thanks for your comment. One “nit:” Apple and Nike’s tag lines are for the company. HTC’s, in this case, is just for the HTC One, not the entire company.

      • I understand that they were on the bigger scale of across all products with these slogans but the HTC slogan is so weak in general having little or no connectivity to the customer it was nice to see the more direct approach coming from a singular device, heading in the right direction for HTC as a whole

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