Focus matters: another example

carlsjrlogoI have posted a few times on the power of focus (just search the site on the word “focus”) because companies that focus usually outperform those that don’t. Today’s example is Carl’s Jr. (or Hardee’s for those of you in some states, or as my son called them for reasons we don’t know, The French Fry Boy).

Carl’s Jr. is focused on the younger male customer. Their menu is designed to attract and serve that customer. While they have “healthy” items on their menu their biggest sellers by far are items like the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, the Memphis BBQ Burger and the Six Dollar Burger. They are the epitome of so-called “unhealthy” fast-food, and that is what their customers want.

Their advertising is edgy and sexist, to appeal to the Millennial male customer they are looking to target. And they are growing in this segment. While all is not “rosy” with CKE (the parent company), which had to pull last year’s IPO, Carl’s and Hardee’s are growing.

Interestingly, I read today that Millennials have no affinity with McDonald’s. No wonder, since Carl’s is targeting them directly.

Get focused, get profitable and outperform.


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