Men are not buffoons, or maybe they are?

dovemenIn 2010 I named Dove for Men the oxymoron ad of the Super Bowl. I just don’t get the idea that you can take a brand (Dove) that has spent a fortune positioning itself as a women’s beauty product and also position it as a men’s product by adding “men” to the name. But Unilever apparently is still trying.

Their latest campaign is to show that users of Dove for Men now renamed Dove Men+Care (target market men 25-54) that they don’t think men are buffoons as apparently other men’s products represent them in their ads. Apparently they are going to move from a position of “Journey to Comfort” to some sort of “real life” depiction of men.

However, if men aren’t buffoons, why would they want to buy a woman’s product for men? I just don’t get this one. If you do, feel free to comment.


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