The good and not so good ads from Super Bowl 2013

baltimoreravensOf the remaining ads not mentioned in my earlier posts, here are the few that I felt warrant a mention. (BTW, as a reminder, I don’t comment on movie or TV show ads as they are tied to the content of the media they are advertising).

1. Best Buy: This ad delivered a compelling message in an entertaining way worthy of the Super Bowl.

2. Skechers: Their gazelle ad was funny and on target with their message even if a little far-fetched, but then it’s the Super Bowl.

3. E-Trade‘s talking baby ad was well done … again.

4. The Bud Light voodoo themed ads were good and probably on target for their market.

5. Go-Daddy had a disgusting off-target ad and a well done ad. So there’s the Go Daddy mash-up as usual.

6. I felt the Oreo ad was a rehash of the Bud Light “tastes great, less filling” theme and therefore unoriginal and not Super Bowl worthy.

7. Axe’s ad did not deliver an effective message at all.

8. Black Crown from A-B were their launch ads. They gave me no compelling reason to even want to try the beer, so what was the point? And black bottle beer seemed to be the theme as Becks also introduced a beer in a black bottle.

9. Lastly comes the ad from Soda Stream. Interesting message about saving plastic, but if you don’t really know what they offer, I am unsure they gave you enough motivation to go find out.

Anyway, another year, another Super Bowl and another crop of ads for which there are more opinions than ads. Trust you found value in mine.


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