Text messages as a direct marketing technique

In a conversation today with a direct marketing expert I learned about the “latest” direct marketing technique and got a tip as well. He told the audience they should be sure to build a list of cell phone #s, and not so you can use telemarketers to call people on their cell phones. Rather, he suggested that Millennials think email is so last week, and they use text messaging to communicate. His recommendation was that text messages are an efficient way to get to this target audience.

Further to this group and even those a bit older, they get almost no mail and they are not trained to throw away “junk mail.” He pointed out that this same demographic can be effectively contacted and communicated with via snail mail direct marketing campaigns.


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1 Response to Text messages as a direct marketing technique

  1. Scott says:

    We battle back and for at our agency on how to best utilize text as a form of communications. Many of our clients want to use it like email, but its such a more personal form of communication that needs to be leveraged with the right followup.

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