Avis redefined … why?

Avis hired a new CMO about a year ago. As many CMOs are apt to do, she is re-branding the company. Gone is the 50 year positioning of “We Try Harder.” When asked why, she responded, “Consumer-centric brands must always evolve in order to keep pace with ever-changing customer needs and preferences.” This would suggest that consumers no longer want brands that try harder, we are into mediocre now. And somehow that positioning served them well for 50 years; but you know times change.

I think the more likely case is that she wanted to do something new. What is their new, grab you tagline: “It’s Your Space.” Huh? I rent a LOT of cars and I have never thought of my rental car as my “space.” Maybe others do, I could be wrong.

To be fair their ad campaign is focused on getting you to think about your business rental more creatively. That may be a good thing, but the tag line change is irrelevant to that and when that idea is passe, a new tag line will be required. But she notes, they are still going to “try harder” because it’s in their DNA.

A while back I posted about a great line I heard describing the three steps in the life-cycle of the CMO: Re-brand, re-launch, resign. The first two steps are complete for Avis. Time will tell if the third is required.



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1 Response to Avis redefined … why?

  1. AwGee says:

    The Tagline had to change; Avis could no longer deliver on that brand promise. Enterprise took it while they were stuck on being #2. With customer service less of a priority, look for self-service and choice options that add-value to the loyal business renter’s experience. Like Burger King’s “Have it your way”, Avis appears to be making customer choice the point of differentiation.

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