Forget page views…

in fact, forget about a lot of what you now measure.

I was recently talking to the chief editor of one of the leading portals for an industry.  He said that his management was concerned that their page views were down a bit.  He pointed out that he’d recently re-designed the site to make it easier for readers to find what they were looking for.   After the re-design, the number of unique visitors remained the same, but page views did go down somehat.  Tellingly, the time spent on a page also went up significantly.

In other words, he accomplished his goal of making it easier for visitors to find what they wanted.   His management should be pleased, not concerned.

But his management – like many – has gotten focused on an intermediate result, not the end result.  This happens literally all the time in organizations all across the world.

Is it something that you might be doing?


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