Offline Marketing Accountability is here at last

While it doesn’t fix everything, and who’d believe it if it claimed to, I am impressed with Euclid Elements and their ability to report real-time and aggregated in-store and near store behaviors for retailers.

Retailers rely upon gut feel and guesswork to understand buyer behavior. Sure, they can use POS data to gain insights into the shopping cart and purchases of their customers, and if they have loyalty programs then can look even deeper at actual purchase behavior. But what about shopping behavior rather than buying behavior?

Websites can track your activities on their site before you buy and, to some degree after you buy, and this is true whether you buy or not. But retailers have not been able to do that. Now they can. Euclid can offer insights into how long a customer spends in certain areas of the store. They can tell you how long people look in your windows and if they then come in or not. They can tell you how many window shoppers you have during non-business hours, just to name a few things.

Measure what matters as the saying goes, and the folks at Euclid have come up with a novel way to do that for the off-line retailer. Commendations.


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