Are you so good they don’t Tweet about you?

Gen X and Gen Y generally believe they can effectively multi-task. While this is provable false, it does not stop them from doing it anyway. The multi-screen, multi-tasking phenomenon is an example: Surfing the net, while listening to your playlist while watching a TV show is a simple example. Tweeting while watching a live theatre presentation was a topic of some recent articles, which included setting up a separate section for Twitter users to sit in.

Tweets during this year’s Grammys peaked at 10,901 Tweets/second according to Twitter. That is a lot of action while one is supposedly watching the show. However, Tweets came to a complete stop when Jennifer Hudson did her tribute to Whitney Houston. Apparently Ms. Hudson is good enough to get people’s attention. Of course, she was Tweeted about a lot after she finished.

While you might like the idea that people Tweet about you live, perhaps a better metric would be your ability to keep them from doing so because you are so good.


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