2012 Super Bowl 2nd Half Ad commentary

I am not commenting on the Chrysler ad with Clint Eastwood because I did not see it. It was at half-time. And it has become a political football anyway.

There were six ads that stuck out for me in the 2nd half as being well done and on message:

1. The Fiat ad. This ad has run before and whether it is credible, come on the Fiat 500 is not that hot, is another story.

2. The Pepsi Max ad that made fun of Coke was well done and on message.

3. Oikos Yogurt was a well done ad that delivered a valuable message beyond  just “brand awareness.”

4. The Century 21 ad was also well executed and claimed a position. Not as big a stretch as the Fiat 500, but maybe still a stretch.

5. The all new NSX  ad aligned well with the car’s position while being entertaining.

6. And Samsung turning Apple on its head was fun … but then I am not a big Apple products fan.

Some other thoughts: GoDaddy is wearing out its gimmick … at least to me, but since they can measure their results directly, they can tell if I am right … or not. The Career Builder ad with the monkeys is getting stale. And kudos to Bud Light for Here WeGo, an entertaining spot that included a social message at the end.


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