Super Bowl 1st Half Ads Commentary

Not being a Madonna fan, I thought I would post my first half advertising commentary during half-time. In no particular order:

1. My favorite ad was the Budweiser Prohibition ad. Well executed, on message and ties back to their traditional themes from the past.

2. I liked the Doritos ads this year. Usually I think they are silly. This year I thought they were clever, though they have no message. It is simply a brand awareness approach. Not a big fan of that ad approach, but it is the Super Bowl.

3. Worst ad of the first half for me was the Audi vampire party ad. Really, an entire ad to focus on LED headlights? That’s your message about the car, it has LED headlights?

4. The H&M ad was interesting because it was for men’s underwear and used Beckham as the model. For those readers around when Jim Palmer was the men’s underwear model for Jockey, it is the same approach. H&M is really a women’s store, but the majority of men’s underwear is bought by women … for the men in their lives. Well done H&M.

5. The VW ad with the two-color Bernese Mt. Dog (technically a defect in the breed, but cool anyway) was a clever ad because it’s all about the dog, which they make fun of in the bar scene that follows. Again, this is an awareness ad, but it will play well on the web for some time.

6. And lastly, I just don’t get the Coke bears.




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