Riley on Marketing makes her own point

A recent YouTube viral video, Riley on Marketing, has been making the rounds because this very young girl is ranting about why girls only get to choose stuff that is “pink” and not super-heroes. As she correctly notes, some girls like super-heroes. True enough. But as she is ranting, she is hold a non-super-hero doll in her hand that she has been carrying. Perhaps she is demonstrating by her actions, rather than her rant, why marketers focus as they do.

Happy New Year.


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2 Responses to Riley on Marketing makes her own point

  1. antigone says:

    She’s holding a Fred doll from Scooby Doo. I don’t think I get your point.

    • Fred is not a super-hero. The doll she herself is holding is not of the type she claims girls should be able to have if they want it. My point is that while some girls may want super-heroes, most apparently don’t … including her … which is why marketers focus on what their audience wants.

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