There are no advanced management techniques

In almost any activity in which the stakes are high and the cost of failure immediately imposed — such as military operations and professional sports — there is a saying: “There are no advanced techniques, only the basics done to a high level of performance”.  Indeed, spend time with any high-level trainer in one of these disciplines and you are struck by the utter simplicity of what they do.  And by the discipline with which they do it to an extremely high level of skill.

Of course, new developments come along, and techniques change, but the new knowledge is almost always incorporated into training and performance in the form of a basic — not something that is only for “advanced” people in the field; that is:  it’s incorporated into the basic training of the discipline.

It’s the same in business management.  Almost nothing that makes a company successful is not part of the basic “blocking and tackling” that any business has to do.  There are no magic techniques that can be granted to you by some wizard.  The best companies just do what we all learned in management ( or marketing) 101 through 501 excellently, consistently, and with discipline.  There are no secrets, only discipline and the leadership to encourage it.

This is why we are focused on process management in our practice.   New developments in strategic marketing come along only so often, but the lack of a practical tool (process management)  to leverage the basics that most companies already have is usually the missing element in obtaining excellent performance.


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