What’s in a name?

Most new companies would kill for a name that told people what they offered or what services they provided. Most of those names are long gone, so many new companies have to invest in educating people about their name and what they offer. This is especially true in high-tech, where the idea appears to be to invent a word and then spend a fortune getting people to know it. Sometimes it works … Google comes to mind. Most often it doesn’t.

So why would Overstock.com, a company that specializes in selling overstocked merchandize at great prices, change their name to … wait for it … O.co? I have no idea and can’t find anyone who does … especially now that they are going back to Overstock.com. Since they do all of their marketing communications in-house, I can’t even suggest an agency plot to drive up billings.

If you can think of a reason, feel free to post a comment. Love to hear from you.


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