QR Codes for better or worse

Back in June I wrote about QR codes and asked if they would die because of how they are being used. A recent article, “No, QR Codes Aren’t Dead. They’re Just Used Badly” discussed the same issue.

The author notes that QR codes are very much alive. To wit, usage is up well over 20% worldwide and over 40% in the U.S. The author noted some stupid placements of QR codes such as high up on billboards that can’t be scanned; in areas where cell phone coverage is non-existent; and in TV ads to name a few. That’s just unthinking people mindlessly deploying the latest tactic. But at least they can tell their boss that they are using the “latest” technology.

What the article fails to discuss is what I mentioned in my earlier post: Is there any benefit to the user in following the code to a site? There is no law that says you can’t waste people’s time, but there is a law which says people won’t let that happen indefinitely.


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