How did it get so wrong?

Too many CMOs are really just CMCOs (Chief Marketing Communications Officers). This point was driven home … again … in listening to many of the speakers at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. The breakthrough thinking at this year’s conference, which Ad Age, among other press outlets, are reporting, is that Marketing needs to think about the customer first, then the promise of the brand, then the communications piece.

 Apparently this is exactly backwards from what they have historically done. And you  wonder why “half the money they spend on advertising is wasted.” From my perspective, they’re lucky it’s only half.

Apparently, too many marketing professionals are really marketing communications professionals. While an important skill,  communications comes after you know Who you are targeting and What you can provide them that is uniquely valuable. Or at least apparently uniquely valuable.

 Marketing Communications, especially in the age of the Internet, is a complex skill and must be driven from a context of understanding the core aspects of the customer and the promise.


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