Wow … huh?

I left the lights on overnight in my rental car last week. Not too smart. Fortunately the Marriott Hotel where I was staying had jumper cables and a shuttle van to use to jump me, so I was up and running with less than a 10 minute delay. Well done by the staff at the Marriott.

Later that day when I checked my voice mail at the office I had a voice mail message from Hertz that had arrived the night before telling me I had left the lights on in my rental car and needed to go and turn them off, or I would have a dead battery. Wow, that is cool. Problem was, I did not get the message in time to do anything about it. I generally don’t check my office vm at 10pm at night and even if they had called my cell phone, it may not have been on. But still wow.

Then comes the huh.

Why did they not call me at the hotel? Or have the front desk call me? Somebody reported the lights on in the car. The Toyota Camry I was driving did not have remote headlight tracking software (in truth it did not even have turn them off automatically sensors, which was what I blame my stupidity on).

Since I was parked in the Marriott Hotel parking lot, you would think Hertz could have had them check to see if I was a guest and then one of them call me. Didn’t happen. Not sure why. I assume it might have something to do with privacy. Hertz may not have wanted to disclose who was the driver of their rental car. Don’t know. But it turned a huge Wow into a Huh?


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