Excellent use of YouTube

Many people think of YouTube as a source for viral videos. But when a video by grandparents they did not even know they were creating while trying to set up a webcam, can get 8 million hits, viral may be in the mind of the beholder. However, I found a company making outstanding use of YouTube and business acumen to compete effectively. While this construct is not new, it is an excellent example of execution.

We need a bike rack so we can take our bikes to some friends house in the mountains and go biking with them. I had a trailer hitch put on my Ford Edge so I could easily accommodate a bike rack. I did not know anything about bike racks so, like most of us, I used the Internet to learn more.

My wife has a “girl’s” bike with a diagonal cross-bar so I learned that the normal, “hanging” type bike rack would not work. I discovered that Thule and Yakima both had good bike racks and both had apparently good hitch-mounted, platform-style racks that would support my bike and my wife’s. The question was, “which to choose, how to decide?”

Typing in the key question into the search engine, “compare the Thule Doubletrack to the Yakima Stickup” brought up a YouTube video which compared the two products plus a third one I had not considered. The video was well done (not slick, but well done) and informative. Having chosen the Thule, the question now was where to buy it?

Fair play suggested the website of the retailer who had provided me the valuable video, but, of course I checked Amazon first. As a Prime member I get free shipping. Turned out the retailer, who provided the video, had the same prices as Amazon and also with free shipping. They made it easy to do “what was right.”

That YouTube video and fair pricing got them the business. Well done.


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