A relatively easy way to gain some customer loyalty

I wrote a couple times (first here) about the wonderful pit bull we adopted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  He got from Louisiana to Massachusetts in an air conditioned trailer that New Balance provided to transport 40 dogs.  As you might expect, the half-dozen or so athletic shoes that I’ve bought since were all New Balance.  I’m not likely to forget what they did, either; they have a loyal customer for life.

I can’t recall how we found out about the New Balance contribution, but it wasn’t from anything that New Balance did, and I don’t know why.  There are plenty of animal welfare and rescue sites and magazines, and you’d think that a little publicity would have garnered a lot more loyal customers (New Balance also, of course, makes great shoes).

My point is that there are plenty of charitable contributions that your firm could make every year and gain some loyal customers in the process.  Of course the latter shouldn’t drive the former, but there’s nothing wrong with you getting credit for what you do.


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