The CompleteTask List for Product Introduction

We’ve just published a booklet on Kindle written by Barbara Mroz (my wife) titled New Product Introduction – The Complete Task list. 

This product introduction process map and checklist was created by Barbara originally for a client who was bringing a new product to market.  It is not intended as a complete tutorial on product introductions, nor an introduction to the many activities comprised by that process.  Rather it is intended as a guide that experienced people can use to make sure that their product introductions are successful, that the groundwork for them has been properly laid, and that nothing is forgotten.  It assumes familiarity with the various activities that make up  marketing, sales, product management and product marketing, and an understanding of them.

It surprised many of us at CMG in that it began with “Confirm the business case for the product.”  Of course, this is exactly what you should do as you start down the product introduction road, and it is illustrative of the kind of thinking that Barb brings to us.

The link to the book is here.


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