Niches in stiches

What can customers buy from your company they can’t buy, or at least don’t think they can buy, from anyone else? Most companies can’t answer that question and still want to charge higher prices than their competitors.

Scott Morrison, of 3×1, can answer that question and sells jeans for $1,200. And you thought designer brand jeans were over the top, price-wise. Scott’s jeans are bespoke. He says on his website “3×1 was born from a desire to reclaim a process that we love—making the finest quality jeans in the world.”

If you don’t want them bespoke, he does sell ready to wear too. They are $295 and up.

May not be a store for you, but it is for enough people that Scott is making it work in SoHo. And he can for sure answer that all important question.


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