“The Lessons of Management” Kindle book now available

Over the years Mitch and I have figured out quite a few nuggets of management wisdom (I hope you’ll allow us to call it that).  We see and have seen the same issues at small, medium and large companies over and over.  We finally wrote the nuggets down and made them into a little Kindle booklet that’s now available for 99 cents.

This is a compilation of nuggets of insight that are at the crux of the problems, issues and challenges that senior-most management works with every day. These are not tutorials, how-to guides, or a complete development of the issues presented. They are not meant as an educational resource for beginners, but as a set of accumulated wisdom that will make sense to senior people.

Sometimes one lesson will seem to contradict—in whole or in part—another. When this is the case, it is either done for literary effect, or it’s because the two lessons are complimentary, or because they are two sides of one coin.

These nuggets do not cover every aspect of management or of building great organizations, but they address much of what the builders of them have done over the decades.

Authors Gooze and Mroz are respectively the president and a principal with Customer Manufacturing Group, in Santa Clara, CA. These nuggets come from our own decades of experience as practitioners, management consultants, and in Mitch’s case, CEO.

We mean for this to be an “interactive” project. If you have nuggets that you’d like to submit to us for consideration for inclusion in subsequent versions of this booklet, please email Ralph Mroz at rmroz@customermfg.com. If we like them, we’ll include them in later versions with attribution. Please include your name and affiliation.


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