Waste isn’t a useful strategy to maintain jobs

It appears that the U.S. is about ready to allow trucks originating in Mexico to deliver goods to any destination in the U.S. per the NAFTA agreement. This aspect of the NAFTA agreement has not been honored since its inception, really as a way to protect American trucking jobs. The problem with this charade is that it is a complete waste for everyone except the U.S. truck driver and their company.

The method as currently operated requires Mexican trucks to be unloaded when they arrive in the U.S. and the cargo is reloaded onto a U.S. truck for transportation within the U.S. Pure waste. It is not dissimilar to the feather-bedding that existed in the railroads decades ago, which ultimately made railroads non-competitive.

Once the NAFTA agreement is honored, truck shipments originating in Mexico can be transported on the same truck to any U.S. destination. This eliminates the waste of unloading and reloading the cargo, which adds no value, and slows the shipment down.

Trying to protect jobs or methods which don’t add value is the road to ruin. There is ample evidence of this for anyone of clear thinking to understand.


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