Jerry is amazing

I spent some extra time in the United terminal at the Denver Airport today. As I often do when I have the time in that terminal, I visited the Ben & Jerry’s shop upstairs. I had lots of time so the fact that the line was 8 people long, while not exciting, was not a deal killer.

 After the first two people ordered for themselves and their three kids I did not see, the next guy ordered a hot fudge sundae. This was discouraging to me because that usually means a looong wait, since the only guy working the shop was scooping, making, and cashier. I figured it was going to be a loooong wait.

Then I saw Jerry in action. He is amazing. Not only is he FAST, and accurate he is polite and helpful. I got served in less time than usual and gave Jerry a tip (money that is) which I don’t normally do with “fast food” counters. But Jerry is amazing. I then sat, ate my ice cream, and watched Jerry in action, because the line never got shorter, and Jerry never faltered. He took the time to give people the tastes they asked for while hauling buns to keep the line moving.

Little things also made Jerry faster. My total was $4.11. I gave him $20 and one penny. He said, “The dime is on me,” and gave me $16 in change. Keeping things moving (and of course the $1.00 went in his tip jar). Not sure if the manager taught Jerry that delaying the line to make 90 cents in change vs eating the dime can save someone from dropping out of line (and thus a lost sale), or if Jerry just figured that one out on his own.

I wonder if Jerry has been trained by my friend Eric Chester, an expert on work ethic for Gen Y, or if he is just a poster child for Eric’s efforts. Either way Jerry is amazing.


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2 Responses to Jerry is amazing

  1. Eric Chester says:

    Awesome story, Mitch!
    Proves that it is still possible to find dynamic young people who have great work ethic and are bringing their A Game to work. Since I travel out of DIA, I can assure you I am going to find Jerry, interview him, and write about him.
    Eric Chester – Founder and CEO of the Bring Your A Game to Work training and certification program

  2. Jerry Vargas says:

    Wow, this made my night. Thank you Mitch, this is Jerry

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