It’s simple if you think about it

Several years ago I read about two candy stores that were across the street from each other. Both sold pretty much the same things and most of their sales were bulk candy to kids. The kids referred to one of the stores as the good store and the other as the bad store. When asked why, the kids said you got more candy at the good store.

On the surface this made no sense since both stores sold bulk candy for the same price, and both gave honest weight when measuring the candy for sale. However, on closer inspection the reality was clear. In the “bad” store the merchant put too much candy into the bag, weighed it and took some out to make the weight right. In the “good” store, the merchant put too little candy into the bag, weighed it and then added the amount needed to reach the correct weight.

To the kids, the perception was everything.

I was reminded of this when I stopped in to Young’s Ice Cream and Candy in Redwood City. We had gone to see Forever Plaid (great show especially if you want to see a rendition of the Ed Sullivan Show done in 3 minutes … hysterical). As I am a sucker for ice cream we stopped into Young’s. Classic old-fashioned ice cream and candy store. Well done.

I can never decide on just one flavor, so I always order a double scoop even though I may not want that much ice cream, I want two flavors. For the first time in my life, the clerk said, “Would you like a double scoop or a single scoop split between the two flavors.” That stunned me. I ordered the single scoop split. Perfect amount and two flavors. Makes me wonder why everybody doesn’t do that, other than selling more double scoops of course.

Will I go back to Young’s? You bet. Will I be bragging about them (what do you think)? BTW, their ice cream was very good too.


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