If more of them could just be better

The December 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review had a short article entitled “Do You Really Know Who Your Best Salespeople Are?” In this article the authors attempt to explain how the behavior of sales people affect their ability to be effective. They based the research on observation of 800 sales people.

Their conclusion: Of the eight “types” they identified, only three are effective. Those three are called “Experts,” “Closers” and “Consultants.” The ineffective types are:

  1. Storytellers
  2. Focusers
  3. Narrators
  4. Aggressors
  5. Socializers

The three effective types supposedly represent 37% of sales people, but they also note that only 1 in 250 sales people exceed their targets.  Either targets are unrealistic or 37% is too high. Or the remaining issue is not in Sales, which is the premise of my book The Secret To Selling More.


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