Is greed going to cost them a generation?

Just came back from a cruise. Always fun. Since, as my wife points out, I am always working, I needed Internet access on this cruise, as I always do. Since my first cruise about 12 years ago up to and including this one I have been appalled by the slowness of the on-board Internet service. Reminds me of the old 1200 baud dial-up lines. It literally takes up to 5 minutes to download a simple email, and using the web for anything is pointless.

The fact that they charge for usage by the minute; is that a coincidence or a cause and effect relationship? It is trivial to rack up a LARGE bill trying to use the Internet. Savvy parents ban their kids from Facebook et al while on board. What are these next generation cruisers learning? Cruising is not going to be their choice when they pay for vacations of their own. (I talked to several on the ship and most were VERY upset at the lack of Internet access at a reasonable price.)

This short-term mentality reminds me of the actions of GM’s execs and the Auto Workers Union leaders in creating unsustainable contracts that the execs signed knowing they would be gone before the damage came home to roost. Or the countless brand managers who earn bonuses for short-term results that damage their brands in the longer term.

If you are building or maintaining a business for the long-term, the next generation matters. If you are collecting a paycheck and planning to move on and the comp system rewards bad behavior, shame on you, but greater shame on the comp system.

BTW, as our Partner, Jeff Krawitz pointed out, if ANY cruise line solves this problem, what ship do you think the next generation cruiser (or influencer) will pick?


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